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Maratona dles Dolomites-Enel 2024 - Niedersachsen (Germania)

attualizzato 22.02.2024 22:06:26
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name year city team status ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Abelmann Rolf 1976 D-Braunschweig ok, data missing Agujaro Marco 1981 D-Braunschweig ok, complete Badtke Norman 1975 D-Wolfsburg announced Beerwerth Danny 1988 D-Osnabrück SV Hellern v. 1924 & Friends announced Benstem Sigrid 1969 D-Wolfsburg announced Berchtold Joshua 1995 D-Göttingen announced Bleibaum Thomas 1975 D-Aerzen Coffee&Chainrings announced Boldt Roland 1970 D-Winsen (Luhe) announced Böttger Matthias 1976 D-Langenhagen announced Brinkmann Katrin 1983 D-Oldenburg announced Chmiel Hendrik 1993 D-Osnabrück RSG Hellern ok, complete Elfers Jan 1990 D-Osnabrück SV Hellern v. 1924 & Friends announced Erdmann Sylvia 1975 D-Hemmingen announced Fischer Matthias 1973 D-Langeoog ok, data missing Funke Philip 1993 D-Stade ok, data missing Gies Sascha 1974 D-Wallenhorst SV Hellern v. 1924 & Friends announced Gohde Stefan 1977 D-Hannover announced Gorgas Steffen 1972 D-Sassenburg announced Hader Christian 1980 D-Zeven ok, data missing Heinrichs Katharina 1980 D-Laatzen announced Heissmeyer Sven 1979 D-Aerzen ok, complete Hüls Sonja 1979 D-Hagen SV Hellern v. 1924 & Friends announced Jähn Fritz 1959 D-Göttingen ok, complete Johanning Monika 1965 D-Oldenburg ok, data missing Kellermann Matthias 1985 D-Osnabrück SV Hellern v. 1924 ok, complete Klima Antje 1966 D-Hannover announced Knapstein Matthias 1979 D-Wolfsburg ok, complete Krebs Stefan 1965 D-Sarstedt announced Lange Julian 1993 D-Hannover Bruchpiloten announced Liepert Malte 1995 D-Hannover Bruchpiloten announced Lippmann Martin 1990 D-Hannover Bruchpiloten announced Mannig Lukas 1993 D-Bissendorf SV Hellern v. 1924 & Friends announced Mansfeld Kerstin 1979 D-Hannover announced Manske Lars 1977 D-Laatzen Team Aloha Racing ok, data missing Morisse Melanie 1983 D-Elsfleth announced Mosel Timo 1974 D-Oldenburg Oldenburg announced Nothdurft Sandra 1975 D-Hannover announced Oetjen Christine 1966 D-Hannover announced Olschewski Bernhard 1974 D-Isernhagen Crazy Crocos ok, data missing Pagel Martin 1968 D-Wolfsburg ok, complete Piter Stefan 1964 D-Braunschweig ok, complete Pommeränke Bernd 1974 D-Osnabrück SV Hellern v. 1924 & Friends announced Ramcke Niclas 1995 D-Hildesheim announced Reinhold-Bijl Dietmar 1956 D-Braunschweig announced Sambamurthy Prithvi 1981 D-Osnabrück SV Hellern v. 1924 & Friends announced Schachtebeck Sylvia 1969 D-Gleichen announced Schäfer Christoph 1995 D-Obernkirchen Bruchpiloten announced Schmidt Georg 1970 D-Walsrode announced Schriever Henning 1974 D-Oldenburg Oldenburg announced Sonnenkalb Thomas 1957 D-Hannover ok, complete Steiner Frank 1970 D-Lüneburg announced Thomsen Pia 1996 D-Hannover Bruchpiloten announced Thurow Paula 1999 D-Hude announced Uhde Jörn 1981 D-Osnabrück SV Hellern v. 1924 & Friends announced Völpel Andreas 1976 D-Hannover ok, complete Westermann Manuel 1974 D-Hannover ok, complete Westphal Nils 1976 D-Rosengarten announced Wilhelm Louis 1997 D-Hannover Horsti and Friends ok, complete Wolter Jens 1965 D-Aerzen Wolter announced Wolter Nicole 1970 D-Aerzen Wolter announced Wöltjen Timm 1982 D-Oldenburg announced Yzer Bjarne 1997 D-Wolfsburg VfL Wolfsburg ok, data missing Ziegenbein Stephanie 1980 D-Barwedel announced

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