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Maratona dles Dolomites-Enel 2024 - nazione "F"

attualizzato 22.02.2024 22:06:26
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name year city team status ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lina Benjamin 1998 F-Aboncourt Entente Cycliste Thaonnaise ok, data missing Sidi Emmanuel 1985 F-Annecy announced Brambilla Davide Luigi 1996 F-Antibes announced Louis Bertrand 1977 F-Belfort A&B announced Barthomeuf Clemence 1985 F-Blagnac Easybarth ok, data missing Yziquel Christophe 1985 F-Blagnac Easybarth ok, data missing Bonzi Jean Marc 1964 F-Boege ok, data missing Ruffaut Loïc 1993 F-Briancon Ruffaut Cycling System ok, complete Czechowicz Tomasz 1970 F-Chamonix Mont Blanc ok, complete Poulou Yolande 1973 F-Chamonix Mont Blanc announced D'Amario Sara 1977 F-Colomiers ok, complete Mauri Giorgio 1972 F-Colomiers ok, complete Forgeot Adèle 1983 F-Essert A&B announced Tinazzi Charles 1977 F-Evian les Bains announced Chevalley Arunya 1966 F-Ferney Voltaire Cycling Maratona ok, data missing Briane Lucas 1984 F-Feternes Brutal announced Signoret Philippe 1988 F-Grenoble Princesos Racing Team announced Faul Antoine 1997 F-Haguenau announced Fievet Vincent 1966 F-Hem ok, data missing Costanzi Gianluca 1976 F-L'Isle sur la Sorgue announced De Rienzo Pascal 1970 F-La Combe de Lancey LA COMBA announced Rutigliano David 1972 F-La Combe de Lancey LA COMBA announced Le Naveaux Patrick 1958 F-Le Perray en Yvelines AGSE ok, data missing Parisot Jean-Jacques 1964 F-Le Pigeonnier announced Gay Aurélien 1991 F-Le Vernet announced Joannes Alexis 1998 F-Les Forges ECT GRUPPETTO ok, complete Boulle Jeremy 1994 F-Les Loges Marchis MACHINA FAMILY ok, complete Boulle Valentin 2000 F-Les Loges Marchis MACHINA FAMILY announced Hubert Aline 1990 F-Lyon Les Lugdus ?? announced Lainé Vincent 1993 F-Lyon LUGDUNUM TRIATHLON ok, data missing Poutier Justine 1991 F-Lyon Les Lugdus ?? announced Sanchez Margot 1993 F-Lyon Lugdunum Triathlon ok, data missing Decoene Clémence 1993 F-Marseille Les Traquenardés ok, complete Garnier Léo 1992 F-Marseille Les Traquenardés ok, data missing Guilcher Nicolas 1983 F-Meximieux announced Mercier Victoire 1994 F-Montbeliard Los Huachicoleros announced Zomer Wim 1963 F-Mormoiron announced Cognet Stephane 1983 F-Nimes TEAM OM.CC announced Saure Tyffen 1996 F-Nimes TEAM OM.CC announced Boccasanta Alessandro 1991 F-Parigi ok, data missing Sarti Leonardo 1985 F-Parigi ASD PASSEPARTOUT BIKE TERNI announced Garnier Silvio 1933 F-Paris Les Traquenardés ok, data missing Mellor Adrian 1966 F-Paris announced Riboni Alberto 1979 F-Paris ASD Cassinis Cycling Team announced Jackson Oliver 1956 F-Perigueux ok, complete Dallara Jean-Marie 1954 F-Roquebrune Cap Martin Vélo Club Menton ok, complete Hammoudi Karim 1982 F-Saint Cyr sur Loire RCS ok, complete Jaeger Jean-Claude 1957 F-Saint-Jeoire-Prieuré Les Crinqués announced Navillod Romain 1985 F-Toul Champagne announced Gilles Muriel 1966 F-Ventabren announced Raspopov Sergii 1991 F-Villaz Cycle Ukraine announced Guillon Antoine 1991 F-Villeurbanne Les Lugdus ?? ok, data missing Ketterlin Thierry 1964 F-Zillisheim announced

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