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Maratona dles Dolomites-Enel 2022 - Valle d'Aosta (Italia)

attualizzato 27.01.2022 23:31:53
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name year city team status ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Baccini Almo 1955 Aosta (AO) announced Bonomelli Dario 1958 Gignod (AO) announced Brustia Diego 1979 Ayas (AO) announced Cavaliere Stefano 1973 Courmayeur (AO) announced Charrey Vivien 1977 La Salle (AO) announced Corrà Manuela Benedetta 1995 La Thuile (AO) announced Liberatore Alessandro 1973 Courmayeur (AO) announced Lucchetti Paolo 1969 Hone (AO) announced Macmillan Hannah 1993 Ayas (AO) announced Martinet Federico 1972 Aosta (AO) announced Massimino Simone 1982 Chambave (AO) Gruppo Sportivo Aquile announced Masutti Stefano 1967 Courmayeur (AO) announced Merlet Francesca 1977 Ayas (AO) announced Miele Paolo Edoardo 1966 Saint Pierre (AO) announced Montrosset Renè 1976 Jovencan (AO) announced Nucera Sandro 1965 Sarre (AO) G.S. Cicli Benato announced Pession Giulia 1994 Ayas (AO) announced Quinson Pierre 1976 Ayas (AO) announced Ricci Pasqualino 1961 Saint Vincent (AO) announced Soffiati Giulia 1994 Sarre (AO) announced Thiebat Gabriele 1979 Aosta (AO) announced Villani Velio 1969 Issime (AO) announced Viscio Giovanni 1978 Aosta (AO) ASD GS AQUILE announced

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