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Maratona dles Dolomites-Enel 2022 - nazione "USA"

attualizzato 27.01.2022 23:31:53
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name year city team status ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bryan Peter 1986 USA-Aliso Viejo ok, data missing Landazabal Fabio 1974 USA-Aventura announced Brizzolara Stefano 1968 USA-Blacksburg NRVBA announced Kearcher Kurt 1959 USA-Blacksburg announced Warmuth Markus 1971 USA-Boston Monte Rosa Cycling Team ok, complete Arzhintar Roman 1973 USA-Brooklyn announced Sayner Elizabeth 1974 USA-Brooklyn Bun and Bear ok, data missing Schoenfeldt Vint 1965 USA-Castle Rock Groove ok, data missing Sumugat Mario 1967 USA-Chicago announced Tudge Christopher 1961 USA-Coconut Creek G.S. SoFla announced Mazany Brett 1970 USA-Dearborn announced Lieb Lisa 1970 USA-Durango #IHaveCancerButCancerDoesNotHaveme announced Baloiu Fedora 1978 USA-Far Hills announced Bruschetta Pierluigi 1968 USA-Far Hills announced Briggs Emma 1978 USA-Folsom announced Hamilton Kyle 1976 USA-Folsom announced Blanz James 1957 USA-Fort Lauderdale G.S. SoFla announced Deschamps Steven 1965 USA-Las Vegas Steve DesChamps announced Eraso Alvaro 1965 USA-Livingston, NJ announced Winkelman Andrew 1967 USA-Los Angeles ok, data missing Hund Lamonica Blanca 1957 USA-Marina Del Rey announced Lamonica David 1966 USA-Marina Del Rey announced Chirinos Douglas 1969 USA-Miami Florida announced Oliveros Janina 1978 USA-Miami Florida announced Greer Thomas 1969 USA-Montclair New Jersey announced Bilheimer John 1961 USA-Nevada City Backside Buddies announced Takamiya Kenji 1966 USA-New Jersey announced Daly Anne 1980 USA-New York ok, data missing Hnatiuk Dave 1961 USA-Palos Verdes Estates Backside Buddies announced Tai William Ming 1972 USA-Pasadena announced Rigali Stephen 1957 USA-Playa Del Rey ok, data missing Graham James 1964 USA-Ponte Vedra Beach announced Curran Mark 1968 USA-Portland OR ok, data missing Parkes Michael 1977 USA-Rumson announced Chute Katie 1988 USA-Salt Lake City announced Dean Brian 1985 USA-Salt Lake City announced Holden Timothy 1979 USA-Salt Lake City announced Villalobos Ricardo 1971 USA-Sammamish ok, data missing Bresin Giovanni 1976 USA-San Francisco ok, complete Herdagdelen Amac 1982 USA-San Francisco announced Honjo Shigefumi 1968 USA-San Francisco ok, data missing Parkes Daniel 1975 USA-San Francisco ok, complete Duncan Matthew 1975 USA-Sandy ok, data missing Altieri Roberto 1981 USA-Santa Barbara Roberto Altieri ok, data missing Liaw Sandy 1971 USA-Sausalito announced Gatley Robert Chris 1991 USA-Seattle announced Varini Gianni 1954 USA-Suwanee NGCA announced Wollard Jason 1970 USA-The Woodlands ok, data missing Greimel Bernd 1974 USA-Tuscaloosa announced Mitchell Beth 1979 USA-Tuscaloosa announced Res Giorgio 1968 USA-Vero Beach announced

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