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Maratona dles Dolomites-Enel 2022 - nazione "PL"

attualizzato 27.01.2022 23:31:53
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name year city team status ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kisza Tadeusz 1968 PL-Brenna BICICLISTA RACING TEAM announced Huba Czesaw 1956 PL-Cieszyn DAVEO.PL Wheelbuilding Team announced Ciapala Adam 1982 PL-Domaszczyn announced Kostecki Tomasz 1980 PL-Gliwice BICICLISTA RACING TEAM announced Kostrzewski Adam 1989 PL-Gliwice BICICLISTA RACING TEAM announced Szklanny Lukasz 1986 PL-Gliwice BICICLISTA RACING TEAM announced Wicher Bogdan 1977 PL-Goleszw BICICLISTA RACING TEAM announced Dyrsowicz Tomasz 1980 PL-Gora announced Siolo Michal 1984 PL-Krakow announced Buraczynska Elzbieta 1956 PL-Olesnica announced Branny Dawid 1988 PL-Pogwizdw DAVEO.PL Wheelbuilding Team announced Rzodkiewicz Jacek 1977 PL-Pyskowice BICICLISTA RACING TEAM announced Marut Lukasz 1977 PL-Skoczow BICICLISTA RACING TEAM announced Chlad Sebastian 1979 PL-Szarlejka Dexter Cycling announced Drzas Adam 1976 PL-Wojnarowice announced Karczmit Daniel 1990 PL-Wrocaw announced Ciapala Mateusz 1987 PL-Wroclaw announced Dobosz Ryszard 1980 PL-Wroclaw announced Huba Damian 1984 PL-Wroclaw DAVEO.PL Wheelbuilding Team announced Nowaczyk Maciej 1983 PL-Wroclaw announced Orlowski Bartlomiej 1990 PL-Wroclaw announced Poli Leonardo 1974 PL-Wroclaw announced Sidor Daniel 1977 PL-Wroclaw announced Silbert Tomasz 1992 PL-Wroclaw announced Stepien Maciej 1976 PL-Zielona Gora announced

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