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Lausanne Marathon 2022 - nation "GB"

crée 25.06.2022 23:19:22
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nom an pays/lieu équipe / club temps estimé plaquette méd. catégorie --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trafford Jo 1972 GB-Ashbourne 01:30 Non 21-H50 Thompson Mike 1957 GB-Bourne End 01:55 --- 21-H60 Thompson Oonagh 1956 GB-Bourne End 01:55 --- 21-D60 Ward David 1972 GB-Carlisle 01:59 Non 21-H50 Jones Richard 1972 GB-Cramlington 05:00 Non 42-H50 Ward Rory 2002 GB-Cumbria 01:39 Non 21-H20 Husband Amanda 1971 GB-Droitwich Spa 04:30 Non 42-D50 Steele George 1992 GB-Harrow LGT 03:45 Plaquette 42-H30 Hadden Patricia 1960 GB-Liverpool 01:58 Non 21-D60 Archer Will 1991 GB-London 02:15 Non 21-H30 Bajur Anna 1988 GB-London The Purveyors 03:45 Non 42-D30 Lawrenson Matthew 1991 GB-London 02:15 Non 21-H30 Thommen Albert 1988 GB-London The Purveyors 03:45 Non 42-H30 Jansen Jeroen 1968 GB-Londres 03:55 --- 42-H50 Phillips Tracey 1962 GB-Lymington New Forest Runners 01:55 Non 21-D60 Meade Phillip 1960 GB-Manchester 00:43 Non 10-H60 Lebeau Stella 1961 GB-Neston 02:05 Non 21-D60 Cleworth Shaun 1975 GB-Norwich 03:25 Non 42-H40 Favillier Agnes 1985 GB-Upminster 00:55 Non 10-D30 Vernazza Patricia 1950 GB-Wigan 04:15 Non 42-D70 Ashford Heidi 1969 GB-Woodbridge 01:10 --- 10-D50

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