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Overall Open Long Distance Women

Powerman Zofingen 2021 - Overall Open Long Distance Women

aktueller Stand von 01.08.2021 22:47:06
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Name Jg Nat Land/Ort Team ITU Kategorie --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Banz Sarah 1987 SUI Zofingen --- L-O-W30 Beghi Miriam 1990 ITA I-Somaglia (LO) Tri Race Rock Team ITU Age Group L-O-W30 Bretting Nicole 1972 GER D-Hohenwart MTV Pfaffenhofen ITU Age Group L-O-W45 Brunnée Merle 1994 GER D-Heidelberg Post-SV Tübingen ITU Elite L-O-W25 Buchvoll Maria 1976 DEN DK-Sulsted Aalborg Triathlon Klub ITU Age Group L-O-W45 Burgess Elizabeth 1971 GBR GB-Derby GB ITU Age Group L-O-W50 Bush Caroline 1983 GBR GB-Edinburgh Edinburgh Triathletes ITU Age Group L-O-W35 Dardenne Sylvia 1974 BEL B-Ligny ATCC ITU Age Group L-O-W45 De Milander Almari 1981 RSA RSA-Cape Town Triathlon South Africa ITU Age Group L-O-W40 Diehl Anke 1966 GER Uznach --- L-O-W55 Fieker Janet 1976 GER D-Halle SV Halle Triathlon ITU Age Group L-O-W45 Fournier Ines 1988 FRA F-Louviers Evreux AC Triathlon ITU Elite L-O-W30 Frey Nicole 1972 SUI Aarburg Triathlon Club Zofingen Open Age Group L-O-W45 Körner-Downes Monika 1958 GER D-Lage Tri Team TG Lage ITU Age Group L-O-W60 Lemmon Annie 1961 RSA RSA-Cape Town South Africa Open Age Group L-O-W60 Marques Rosane 1964 BRA BR-Nova Friburgo --- L-O-W55 Millett Jennifer 1989 GBR GB-St albans GB ITU Age Group L-O-W30 Molinario Julia 1974 GBR GB-Lincoln GB ITU Age Group L-O-W45 Nortje Karen 1971 RSA RSA-Cape Town South Africa ITU Age Group L-O-W50 Pedrelli Tiziana 1987 SUI Liebefeld --- L-O-W30 Pelani Beate 1969 GER D-Castrop-Rauxel Tri-Speed Marienfeld 1987 e.V ITU Age Group L-O-W50 Prior Kirsty 1972 GBR GB-Bristol A Quick Release ITU Age Group L-O-W45 Richter Sandra 1968 GER D-Ilvesheim MTG Mannheim Triathlon Open Age Group L-O-W50 Ringgenberg Tiziana 1994 SUI Belp DAY X ITU Age Group L-O-W25 Roth Kristina 1984 GER D-Weilerswist BTV 1879 Open Age Group L-O-W35 Schwarz Daniela 1985 SUI Neftenbach Team Tempo-Sport BE THE CHANGE ITU Elite L-O-W35 Truppat Nadine 1980 GER D-Iserlohn Marathon Club Menden Open Age Group L-O-W40 Umbricht Joana 1985 SUI Würenlos --- L-O-W35 Vincent Emma 1978 GBR GB-Leeds LBT ITU Age Group L-O-W40 Walker Karen 1974 RSA RSA-Cape Town Club MSM Open Age Group L-O-W45

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