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(137) World Triathlon Men age group 50-54

Powerman Zofingen 2021 - (137) World Triathlon Men age group 50-54

aktueller Stand von 16.09.2021 22:04:14
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Name Jg Nat Land/Ort Team ITU Kategorie --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Blass Stefan 1967 GER D-Illingen WT Age Group WT-M50 Carrara Pietro 1970 ITA I-Sorbolo (PR) Cus Parma Triathlon WT Age Group WT-M50 Claassen Johan Friedrich 1971 RSA RSA-Darling South Africa WT Age Group WT-M50 Claeys Jerome 1971 BEL B-Uccle RCBT WT Elite WT-M50 Covey Steven 1968 GBR GB-Colchester WT Age Group WT-M50 Flachsmann David 1970 SUI Schaffhausen Open Age Group WT-M50 Hocedez Steven 1970 BEL B-Otegem WT Age Group WT-M50 Jespersen Steen 1970 DEN DK-Kobenhavn Tri4 WT Age Group WT-M50 Kaae Jorgensen Mads 1967 DEN DK-Svenstrup Aalborg Triathlonklub WT Age Group WT-M50 Kirch Michael 1971 BEL B-Raeren Triathlon Team Eupen WT Age Group WT-M50 Mckenzie Grahame 1971 GBR GB-Cambridge Open Age Group WT-M50 Nicoll Chris 1969 GBR GB-Matlock WT Age Group WT-M50 Parein Filiep 1968 BEL B-Geluwe WT Age Group WT-M50 Poulain Olivier 1967 FRA F-Revel WT Age Group WT-M50 Retzlaff Sebastian 1971 GER D-Grenzach-Wyhlen --- WT-M50 Taylor-Komar Nicholas 1970 GBR GB-Leighton Buzzard Okhane Race Team WT Age Group WT-M50 Weis Bernd 1968 GER D-Dettingen SG Dettingen Erms WT Age Group WT-M50

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