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Masters World Cup 2020 Cogne (I)

Masters World Cup 2020 Cogne (I) - entry list

issued 21.02.2020 22:06:14
entry list overall Men Women registered teams

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Top entry list overall --- Men Overall 607 entered --- Women Overall 224 entered
Top Men M-AG01 Men Age Group 01 9 entered M-AG02 Men Age Group 02 17 entered M-AG03 Men Age Group 03 29 entered M-AG04 Men Age Group 04 36 entered M-AG05 Men Age Group 05 65 entered M-AG06 Men Age Group 06 89 entered M-AG07 Men Age Group 07 104 entered M-AG08 Men Age Group 08 85 entered M-AG09 Men Age Group 09 83 entered M-AG10 Men Age Group 10 46 entered M-AG11 Men Age Group 11 34 entered M-AG12 Men Age Group 12 8 entered M-AG13 Men Age Group 13 2 entered
Top Women W-AG01 Women Age Group 01 5 entered W-AG02 Women Age Group 02 7 entered W-AG03 Women Age Group 03 10 entered W-AG04 Women Age Group 04 21 entered W-AG05 Women Age Group 05 30 entered W-AG06 Women Age Group 06 30 entered W-AG07 Women Age Group 07 44 entered W-AG08 Women Age Group 08 31 entered W-AG09 Women Age Group 09 23 entered W-AG10 Women Age Group 10 16 entered W-AG11 Women Age Group 11 6 entered W-AG12 Women Age Group 12 1 entered
Top registered teams --- Countries 27 entered
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