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(46) 10km Hommes H55

20KM de Lausanne 2020 - (46) 10km Hommes H55

crée 16.02.2020 22:48:31
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nom an pays/lieu temps estimé catégorie ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Allan Malcolm 1962 Apples 00:50 10-H55 Brait Diego 1962 Courrendlin 09:59 10-H55 Buteau Alain 1964 Pully 01:00 10-H55 Ducret Frederic 1963 Lausanne 00:55 10-H55 Le Roux Mark 1961 F-Prevessin Moens 00:55 10-H55 Pré François 1964 Belmont-sur-Lausanne 01:10 10-H55 Ramseyer Christian 1963 Bassins 01:10 10-H55 Rosset Alain 1965 Gland 01:00 10-H55 Silva Afonso 1964 Peseux 00:42 10-H55 Spoto Francesco 1964 I-San Giovanni La Punta (CT) 01:00 10-H55 Test Christian 1962 Lausanne 00:52 10-H55 Walsh John 1965 Lausanne 01:00 10-H55 Wanner Philippe 1964 Nyon 00:50 10-H55

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