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Maratona dles Dolomites - Enel, Alta Badia 2019 - Hamburg (Germania)

attualizzato 24.05.2019 22:41:00
name year city team status ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Becker Jochen 1975 D-Hamburg Eisliebe Ottensen ok, complete Dachmann Gül 1975 D-Hamburg ok, data missing Dankowski Bernd 1963 D-Hamburg announced Drögemüller Jan 1960 D-Hamburg Club TDC ok, data missing Hartmann Patrik 1975 D-Hamburg ok, data missing Hass Britta 1972 D-Hamburg Lufthansa SV/BSV HH ok, complete Hass Dennis 1972 D-Hamburg Lufthansa SV/BSV HH ok, complete Hoelzlein Matthias 1975 D-Hamburg ok, complete Kesha Luthando 1981 D-Hamburg ok, complete Kummer Christoph 1975 D-Hamburg Nord-Süd Gefälle ok, complete Marquardt Jan 1972 D-Hamburg RSC Winterhude ok, complete Pilz Matthias 1972 D-Hamburg announced Rausch Christina 1973 D-Hamburg A.S.D. Brao Caffè Unterthurner announced Reinshagen Sebastian 1963 D-Hamburg ok, complete Scharfscheer Frank 1970 D-Hamburg Club TdC ok, complete Schartmüller Astrid 1973 D-Hamburg Alpilatte B.R.Pneumatici Zanè ok, complete Wallbrecht Frank 1962 D-Hamburg Radteam Aichach 2000 ok, complete

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