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Maratona dles Dolomites - Enel, Alta Badia 2019 - Wien (Austria)

attualizzato 24.05.2019 22:41:00
name year city team status ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Auer Norbert 1975 A-Wien announced Barton Wolfgang 1954 A-Wien Bicitaly ASD ok, complete Bentz Erich 1970 A-Vienna Cool Bikers ok, complete Eggenberger Bernhard 1959 A-Wien Sonntagsradler ok, data missing Friedl Christoph 1983 A-Wien BBB Freunde ok, complete Haubenwaller Herbert 1970 A-Wien RC Birkfeld ok, complete Innerebner Othmar 1979 A-Wien Team Vienna Woods ok, complete Mayer Matthias 1982 A-Wien BBB Freunde ok, data missing Messenger Peter 1982 A-Wien BBB Freunde ok, data missing Mikl Martin 1966 A-Wien NoPainNo(Elevation)Gain ok, complete Moschitz Martin 1980 A-Wien ok, data missing Schneider Ferdy 1945 A-Wien ok, data missing Sibetz Patrick 1985 A-Wien ok, complete Sick Thomas 1992 A-Vienna NoPainNo(Elevation)Gain ok, complete Sudeck Martin 1981 A-Wien BBB Freunde ok, data missing Wagner Richard 1969 A-Wien ULC Tranfer St.Veit ok, complete

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