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Maratona dles Dolomites - Enel, Alta Badia 2019 - Salzburg (Austria)

attualizzato 25.05.2019 22:56:28
name year city team status ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Auer Gerhard 1978 A-Lofer ok, complete Berger Bernhard 1966 A-Unken ok, complete Berger Markus 1973 A-Salzburg Push it Biker ok, complete Eibl Peter 1977 A-Salzburg Bike Friends Yalzburg ok, complete Gmachl Franz 1963 A-Bergheim ok, data missing Hinterseer Hans 1956 A-Lofer Naturwerkstatt Hinterseer ok, complete Litzlbauer Gerhard 1983 A-Hallein ok, data missing Pfannhauser Herbert 1982 A-Lofer ok, complete Ploner Manfred 1975 A-Siezenheim ok, complete Riedl Doris 1973 A-Bad Hofgastein Sonntagsradler ok, data missing Seitlinger Josef 1954 A-Lofer ok, complete

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