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Maratona dles Dolomites - Enel, Alta Badia 2019 - nazione "P"

attualizzato 26.05.2019 22:41:02
name year city team status ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fernandes Carlos 1976 P-AVEIRO Love Tiles ok, complete Mussini Marco 1971 P-AVEIRO ok, complete Oliveira Daniel 1980 P-AVEIRO Love TIles ok, complete Pascoal Acacio 1960 P-AVEIRO Love Tiles ok, complete Matias Raul 1962 P-Azeitao ok, data missing Dias Jose Viriato 1970 P-Eixo Love Tiles ok, complete Simoes Jose 1948 P-Fatima TUGA TEAM ok, complete Freitas Gonçalo 1988 P-Figueira da Foz Love Tiles ok, complete Cardoso Andre 1984 P-Gondomar announced Moreira Joao 1986 P-ILHAVO LoveTiles/Irbal ok, data missing Zanni Andrea 1973 P-ILHAVO Lovetiles ok, complete Faria Vitor 1960 P-Leiria TUGA TEAM ok, complete Quintino Paulo 1968 P-Lisbon Team Bergziegen ok, complete Sá Rui 1983 P-Paços de Brandão Love Tiles ok, complete Cardoso Manuel 1983 P-Pacos de Ferreira ok, data missing Santos Luis 1959 P-Pousos TUGA TEAM ok, complete Silva Joaquim 1962 P-Pousos TUGA TEAM ok, complete Pinheiro Pedro 1977 P-Praia da Barra Love Tiles ok, complete Leal Anabela 1976 P-SETBAL Ciclomarca ok, complete

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