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Maratona dles Dolomites - Enel, Alta Badia 2019 - nazione "F"

attualizzato 26.05.2019 22:41:02
name year city team status ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Allheily Martial 1967 F-Albe Team Vallée de Villé ok, complete Angst Jean Marc 1960 F-Albe Team Vallée de Villé ok, data missing Angst Robert 1958 F-Albe Team Vallée de Villé ok, complete Robinson Ian 1965 F-Bedoin ok, complete Allimonier Serge 1953 F-Bercheres les Pierres C' TEAM CHARTRES ok, data missing Dalmasso Robert 1945 F-Biot ok, complete Wells Martyn 1968 F-Bourg St Maurice ok, data missing Hawkins Patrick 1968 F-Bozel Alpcycles ok, data missing Hill Adrian 1977 F-Bozel Alpcycles ok, data missing Hill Shelley 1972 F-Bozel Alpcycles ok, data missing Williams Neil 1975 F-Bozel announced Dalmais Georges 1962 F-Caluire et Cuire ok, complete Farasse Jean Claude 1947 F-Cambrai ok, complete Naveau Jean Yves 1959 F-Champhol C' TEAM CHARTRES ok, complete Smith Arthur Henry 1966 F-Charly ok, complete Rossetto Lionel 1984 F-Cordon announced Marsaudon Nicolas 1980 F-Couzeix AC2R ok, complete Chevalley Arunya 1966 F-Ferney Voltaire Cycling Maratona ok, complete White Steve 1974 F-France ok, data missing Blain Pierre-Louis 1991 F-Gramat ok, data missing Bland James 1956 F-Hautefort ok, complete Fievet Vincent 1966 F-Hem ok, complete Bourges Christophe 1963 F-La Breteche ok, complete Bonfils François 1959 F-La Farlede ok, complete Colombo Jean Claude 1952 F-La Garde TOULON TRIATHLON ok, complete Cole Christopher 1978 F-La Giettaz Velo Club Traverse ok, data missing Ahrens Thomas 1969 F-La Terrasse Team Vercors ok, complete Elder Nicholas 1968 F-Le Petit Bornand les Glier VC Traverse ok, data missing Magoni Leo 1994 F-Lille G.S TESTA CICLI A.S.D. ok, complete Cabaj Florian 1976 F-Lyon ok, complete Savey Alain 1960 F-Lyon ok, data missing Builder Teak 1970 F-Manigod Vélo Club Traverse ok, data missing Sykes Sarah 1962 F-Montriond ok, complete Giorla Michel 1956 F-Nice ok, complete Ciuti Matteo 1978 F-Parigi Eggs Don't Bounce ok, data missing Pigazzi Alessandro 1971 F-Parigi Eggs Don't Buonce Cycling Team ok, complete Lemmens Peter 1970 F-Paris ok, complete Smith Andrew 1966 F-Paris ok, complete Denoual Hervé 1967 F-Plaisir ok, complete Engström Patrik 1965 F-Plascassier announced Franchi Francesco 1978 F-Poggio a Caiano loc.Poggetto INFINITY CYCLING TEAM A.S.D ok, complete Geydet Nicolas 1983 F-Pringy announced Ritter Emmanuel 1986 F-Reignier ok, complete Barneron Claude 1969 F-Roman Sur Isere Team Vallée de Villé ok, complete Tambaro Marco 1977 F-Roquebrune Cap Martin UC Monaco ok, complete Winterton Michael 1983 F-SAINT-JEAN-DE-SIXT Velo Club Traverse ok, data missing Winterton-Vermeer Marjolei 1982 F-SAINT-JEAN-DE-SIXT ok, data missing Kiffer Nicolas 1962 F-Sallanches announced Fehlmann Eric 1967 F-Scherwiller Team Vallée de Villé ok, complete Hubert Martin 1991 F-Signy le Petit ok, data missing Birch Mark 1980 F-St Bon Tarentaise ok, data missing Mayaud Philippe 1954 F-St Nazaire les Eymes Meylan ok, complete Crespin Michel 1968 F-St Victor ok, complete Dominguez Manuel 1973 F-Steige Team Vallée de Villé ok, complete Fehlmann Matthieu 1972 F-Sundhouse Team Vallée de Villé ok, data missing Muir Ross 1978 F-Talloires bASECAMP ok, data missing Grandvallet Martial 1954 F-Thanville Team Vallée de Villé ok, complete Le Gousse Eric 1965 F-Vanves LE TEAM ok, complete Colombin Tamara 1984 F-Vieugy announced Polveroni David 1989 F-Voreppe announced

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