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Maratona dles Dolomites - Enel, Alta Badia 2019 - Trieste (Italia)

attualizzato 26.05.2019 22:41:02
name year city team status ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Benussi Furio 1968 Trieste (TS) ok, complete Castro Giampaolo 1959 Trieste (TS) ASD Gentlemen Trieste ok, complete Cavazzon Riccardo 1972 Trieste (TS) ok, data missing Emili Marko 1976 Aurisina (TS) Gentelman Trieste ok, complete Fonda Fabio 1961 Trieste (TS) S.c. Cottur ok, complete Furlani Renato 1962 Trieste (TS) 07PN043-ASD RUNNING WORLD ok, complete Gergolet Simon 1987 Trieste (TS) Eppinger Team ok, complete Leghissa Silvano 1964 Trieste (TS) FEDERCLUB TRIESTE-TECNOEDILE ok, complete Loser Giovanni 1963 Trieste (TS) illysportiva ok, complete Micor Massimiliano 1979 Muggia (TS) a.s.d. amicidebici Muja ok, complete Pasini Federico 1970 Trieste (TS) Asd gentlemen Trieste ok, data missing Pugliese Mario 1938 Duino (TS) ciclo club Trieste ok, complete Schillani Lionello 1966 Trieste (TS) A.S.D. GENTLEMEN Trieste ok, complete Sgambati Fabio 1980 Trieste (TS) Alabarda Bike Team ok, complete Tedeschi Dario 1953 Trieste (TS) A.S.D ALABARDA BIKE TEAM ok, complete Viviani Raffaella 1971 Trieste (TS) A.S.D. ciclo team Gorgazzo ok, complete

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