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Lausanne Marathon 2019 - par lieu "W"

crée 18.08.2019 22:48:09
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nom an pays/lieu équipe / club temps estimé plaquette méd. catégorie --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Berther Alessandro 1961 Wallbach 01:50 Non 21-H50 Collaud-Däppen Marion 1966 Watt 04:30 Non 42-D50 Glaus Roger 1984 Watt 01:10 Non 10-H30 Meier Andreas 1984 Watt 00:50 Non 10-H30 Zettwoch Martin 1968 Wattenwil 01:50 Non 21-H50 Kirsch Tom 1997 Weggis 02:00 Plaquette 21-H20 Baumann Stephan 1983 Wettingen 04:15 Non 42-H30 Artemenko Svetlana 1965 Wiedlisbach ---- Plaquette 10W-Walk Rogg Ramona 1981 Windisch Triathlon Club Badem 04:30 Non 42-D30 Albermann Mona 1992 Winterthur 04:30 Non 42-D20 Egarter Edith 1983 Winterthur 01:20 Non 10-D30 Hardardottir Margret 1996 Winterthur 02:50 Non 21-D20 Hugi Andreas 1981 Winterthur 01:10 Plaquette 10-H30 Hugi Léa 1990 Winterthur 01:10 Plaquette 10-D20 Isler Steffi 1989 Winterthur Finishers Winterthur 01:46 Non 21-D30 Kämpfen Gian-Luca 1990 Winterthur 04:30 Non 42-H20 Leimio Marko 1986 Winterthur 05:00 Non 42-H30 Leimio Mikko 1981 Winterthur 05:00 Non 42-H30 Osterwalder Patrick 1980 Winterthur 03:15 Non 42-H30 Pajarola Olivia 1986 Winterthur Finishers 01:40 Non 21-D30 Schäffer Beat 1974 Winterthur 03:45 Non 42-H40 Stoffel Fabian 1981 Winterthur 04:30 Non 42-H30 Suter Christian 1964 Winterthur 01:50 Non 21-H50 Vignoli Paolo 1960 Winterthur 04:30 Non 42-H50 Poletti Petra 1975 Wollerau Anita active 02:10 Non 21-D40 Campiotti Petra 1989 Wünnewil 04:15 Non 42-D30 Campiotti Reto 1974 Wünnewil 03:30 Non 42-H40
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