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Cyclotour du Léman 2018, Lausanne

Cyclotour du Léman 2018, Lausanne - classements

Lausanne - Lausanne Evian - Lausanne Lausanne - Evian Genève - Lausanne Genève - Genève

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Top Lausanne - Lausanne Ls-Ls 176km Cyclotour Lausanne-Lausanne 1114 classés PDF EB-Ls-Ls 176km Electrobike Lausanne-Lausanne 1 classé PDF T-Ls-Ls 176km Tandem Lausanne-Lausanne 4 classés PDF
Top Evian - Lausanne Evian-Ls 112km Cyclotour Evian-Lausanne 560 classés PDF EB-Evian 112km Electrobike Evian-Lausanne 3 classés PDF T-Evian 112km Tandem Evian-Lausanne 4 classés PDF
Top Lausanne - Evian Ls-Evian 64km Electrobike Lausanne-Evian 24 classés
Top Genève - Lausanne Genève-L 55km Cyclotour Genève-Lausanne 202 classés PDF Gen-Ls 55km Highwheel Genève-Lausanne 1 classé PDF EB-Ge-Ls 55km Electrobike Genève-Lausanne 1 classé PDF
Top Genève - Genève Gen-Gen 176km Cyclotour Genève-Genève 794 classés PDF EB-Ge-Ge 176km Electrobike Genève-Genève 2 classés PDF
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